How to Benefit from Directory Submission as an SEO Tool

You know how important SEO is when it comes to the ranking of your business on the results page displayed by search engines. The truth is, without search engine ranking, you are missing almost 80% of the traffic you could be getting if you had good rankings. You should not face this kind of circumstance. To avoid it, you have to learn a few things. For example, a good SEO expert will tell you that, without link building, your page will be at the bottom of a search result page no matter how much you optimize it.

To increase your chances of getting good search engine rankings, you must build links to your website. While there are many tools that you can use to achieve better ranking, directory submission is the fastest and most effective SEO tool that can help you get better search engine rankings. Many users have benefited from it with their websites shooting from the bottom of the rankings to the top. Consequently, they have experienced explosions in the number of traffic and profits.

Understanding Website Directories

Search engine optimization should be a long-term goal for you to help you increase your ranking on the search engines. It prolongs your presence online as well. Maximum SEO results are only realized if you focus on content optimization and link building. With that said, SEO is dived into two categories, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Directory submission falls under the Off Page Optimization whereby you submit your website details to another website that categorizes your content.

To put it differently, directory submission works like the yellow pages where you submit the following details.

• A title

• Keyword

• Website

• Email address

Directory submission helps in backing up your website, increasing back linking generation and improving your page ranking indirectly. You need to select the best directory to submit your details because many of them exist. Although directory submission is highly effective, you have to make numerous submissions to the directory before you can become successful. Remember, one or two submissions might not help you achieve the desired results.

Benefits of Using Directory Submission as an SEO Tool

• Search Engine Validation

Online visitors do not sieve through online directories in search of links, but search engines use the directories as the potent referral systems, which is why you should make use of the directories. Once you manually submit your details to the directories, they are scrutinized closely for any errors and then they are included in the directory after they are approved. Search engines view this level of scrutiny as a validation process.

• Quick Indexing by the Search Engines

Online crawlers worm their way through the internet in search of the latest links or the updated ones. However, they do not crawl randomly. Instead, they start with the web directories identifying all the links in the directory. Additionally, whenever a new search engine is launched, it starts with going through the directories looking for validated links. If you are already using directory submission, then you have an increased chance of being found by users not to mention being saved the time you would use when it comes to submitting your links to different search engines.

• The Freedom to Use the Anchor Text of Your Choice

When entering your directory details, you are allowed to enter a site title that is different from the URL. It can also be a keyword. You can take advantage of this to generate SEO anchor text that will help you increase your search engine ranking.

• Get One Way Links

Inbound links are highly regarded by search engines. When web directories include your links, they do not expect you to reciprocate in which case you get one-way inbound links.

• Directory Submissions are Free

Many web directories will allow you to submit your details free. However, some of them offer premium services, but their number is insignificantly small compared to those offering free submissions.

• They are Effective in Bringing You the Right Kind of Traffic

Web directories are organized such that users can find the right links under the right categories. Since a human editor scrutinizes directories before validation, there are high chances that the editor will correct wrongly categorized link.

Using directory submission as an SEO tool offers you numerous benefits that should prompt you into submitting your links to various web directories. You can either choose to do it yourself, but if you do not know how to do it or you do not have time, you can always use professional services, it is worth every penny.

10 Steps To Improve Your Rankings on Google

Google’s search engine uses various methods when determining which pages appear on the first page of search results. Below are tips on how to rank in Google and how to go about it.

1. Optimize Your Website

The key to higher rankings on Google starts with search engine optimization, SEO. Optimizing your site through SEO increases its ranking in the search engine results. Implementing proper tags, meta tags and header tags will boost engagement and lead to impressive surges in website traffic. It is imperative that you focus on both On-page and Off-page aspects of SEO.

Remember content is king, so this is the way to go about website content- focus on generating unique, compelling and shareable content.

2. Keyword Phrase Optimization (Your Page Subject)

Keywords are the words that people are likely to key in while searching for a particular subject on Google. Optimizing keyword phrases improves your site ranking. Include keyword phrases and their variation in your content, preferably at the beginning (or in the first paragraph). However, do not overdo it; your content should still look natural. The point here is speaking from the perspective of an ordinary user searching for your topic on the web – the keyword phrase you would type when searching for your website. Stick to a single key subject on every page. Check Google trends regularly to find phrases that are gaining popularity then use them on your site.

3. Keyword Density

Google search engine checks keyword density when ranking search results. This means how often the keyword phrase occurs. You need to use natural phrasing; not repeating the same keyword phrase over and over again to trick the search engine – that doesn’t work. In some cases, such behavior puts your website at the risk of being banned. Make your opening paragraph strong, with complete details of what the page is about.

4. Name Your Web Pages

Give your pages a descriptive name with the attribute.The search results in Google are displayed as links using page titles, therefore, you should write it as you want it to appear . An untitled link is never enticing, very few people would click on it. Use the keyword phrase in your title, if appropriate. If your content is about SEO, then your title should have Search Engine Optimization in it, right?</p> <p>5. Pay Attention to site linking (Both internal and external)</p> <p>Hyperlinks are a major factor that Google search engine considers when ranking websites. The search engine looks at links to and from your site and the words used to determine your page content. Emphasize your keywords by using them in links within your website. Links coming to your website from other sites also determine your rank on Google. Improve your ranking by exchanging relevant text links with other websites. Ensure that all the links are helpful and come in naturally. </p> <p>6. Social Networking</p> <p>Social networking your websites is a good way of promoting a site. However, it is not clear how this affects your rank directly. Most traffic comes from common social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram. That said, make your website content social friendly. Add helpful images and give engaging titles to your content.</p> <p>7. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly</p> <p>Most people use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets when searching for content. Making your website mobile friendly gives a better user experience, increases your potential audience, and your Google ranking – the main reason for implementing responsive web design. </p> <p>8. Good Website Design Practices.</p> <p>Google search engine uses an algorithm that ranks the strong, well-organized websites higher. Such websites become more popular, meaning Google will eventually rank them higher. Follow good website design practices alongside Search Engine Optimization. </p> <p>9. Make guest post on some relevant blogs</p> <p>Guest blogging comes with several benefits. Some include landing backlinks from authority sites, increased referral traffic, and most site visitors view you as an expert. Guest posts should have a great, appropriate title with a persuasive pitch. Ensure you follow up and respond to comments on your posts comprehensively and on time. Keep your target audience engaged, and Google will rank you higher. </p> <p>10. Promote your new blog</p> <p>Promoting blogs helps people notice its relevance, and at the very end, it improves traffic to your site. Before publishing your content, reach out some influential bloggers in your niche (you can use LinkedIn for this). Again, share your blog on social media, not forgetting to mention people you have referenced. 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